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17 April 2012 @ 2:57 AM


(A.N:// I’m actually really sad that this is the last day of Niff week. :/ I still say we change it to Niff year haha anyway, this is crossovered (is that the right terminology?…) with the show Being Human. Except I changed the characters to Nick, Seb, and Jeff. Also, I do have an X-Men!Niff oneshot right HERE if you wanna read some more AU/crossover (I count them as the same thing basically) If I get good feedback from this I might add to it. I’m not sure though…Anyway, hope you enjoy!)

Genre: Crossover, Fluff

Rating: K+

Word count (not counting side notes): 1373

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Niff Week – Crossover!Niff

Title: Weapons of SAT Destruction

Rated: T

Summary:  Crossover!Veronica Mars fic. Nick is basically Veronica, and Jeff is Logan. After getting caught up in the SAT scandal, Nick is kidnapped by the group of mischievous SAT traders. Jeff arrives and rescues Nick. 

Word Count:  1,298

Note: Well, I hope people remember what Veronica Mars was, and understand what’s going on in this fic. Anyways, I’ll be posting all of these stories that I wrote this week to my account later. Then I shall force you all to review them. Just kidding! Enjoy :)

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Title: Star-Crossed

Rating: R/T

Words: 700

Summary: Torchwood!AU (barely)

Spoilers: Nonspecific spoilers for much of Torchwood Season One

A/N: I wrote the majority of this while I was half-asleep, so have at it. (Unbeta’d, etc, just like my other Niff Week Prompts)

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Niff week day 7 - Crossover!Niff

this is my first atempt of ever trying to write a drabble/oneshot but here it is
Niff/True blood crossover

He stood there, in the door opening, frozen to the place, pale marble shin illuminating the surroundings, fangs showing, the blonde hair falling in front of his deep black eyes, lust and hunger screaming out of them.

“Invite me in!” he growled with a hoarse voice

Nick knew that a vampire couldn’t go through the door if he didn’t invite him in, but the black eyes had him caught in a deep trance.

Nick knew vampires was no good and they left after they’d gotten what they came from, but he couldn’t resist, it wasn’t the first time he’d contacted a Vampire.

The roughness of the sex, the biting, and the experience of a near death, all of those things combined turned him on more than any regular human sex had been able to, but it was the bites and especially the bite marks that made him turn back to them.

Many judged him for showing them but to Nick it was a way of showing that he had the power to take down a strong vampire, power that he loved more than anything because of his past.

“Tell me your name and I’ll invite you in.” Nick said with a certain calmness over his voice.

“Jeff, now cut the starring and invite me in!” The vampire said, in a demanding voice

“Okay, okay! You can come in Jeff.” Nick said smirking at him as he walked inside.

“Don’t give me that look! You were the one contacting my master asking for some vampire action. So show me your bedroom and let’s get this over with.” He said, anger shining out of his eyes and dripping from his voice as he walked closer to Nick. “Or I could just push you up the wall and make you scream so loud the whole neighborhood will know what a dirty slut you are.”

Nick whimpered at the last comment, Jeff was only a few inches away by now.

“Do to me whatever you want.” Nick said with a trembling voice.

 “You know that I could kill you?” Jeff said as he leaned into his neck smelling the sweet scent of the blood running underneath Nick’s skin. “Your blood smells delicious.”

“Please” Nick whispered as he felt Jeff’s tongue flickering over the pulsing main vain on his neck.

“As you please.”

As the fangs dug into Nick’s skin his vision went white.

ps. sorry Alina and Laura but i can’t write smut just yet

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Niff Week, Day 7: House of Night

Author’s note: Okay. I am done with it and I’m fucking proud. Also. This is smut. Be aware of it. It’s Vampire!Niff and kinky sex. Yep. Also I hope you guys had a good Niff Week. I’m so glad we had one. :3

Summary: This part should be clear to everyone. Vampire!Niff - SMUT!

Warnings: SMUT!

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Well, it’s the last day of Niff!Week, and what a week it’s been. Here, take this.

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Niff Week Day 7: Crossover!Niff

So this is a cute, random little crossover with The Lorax, which has become practically my favourite movie of all time now. The book was my favourite Dr Seuss book and it’s just beatiful, plus the songs are amazing and I think the Once-ler is far too attractive for his own good… :)

Butterfly Milk

“Yes,” Nick whispered in triumph, dropping the remote control on the ground by his bike and running up to the front door of the house across the street. Quickly he rang the doorbell – once, twice, three times before it opened.
“Hi Nick,” the blonde on the other side smiled “What landed in my yard this time? Ball? Dog? Shoe? No wait, let me guess – your grandma wandered in there again like she did last week.”
Nick rubbed the back of his neck and chuckled nervously. “Model airplane.”
“Come on then. Besides, I want to show you something!”
Nick was dragged by the arm around to the back of the house and the blonde gestured to the walls. As Nick looked up he gasped, stunned.
“You painted that?” he asked, staring at the bright blues and pinks and greens and yellows that towered above them. “What are they?”
“They’re trees, silly,” the blonde boy grinned, pointing at them “Real ones! Well, I mean they’re painted, but that’s what real trees look like. I wish I could see a real one. Can you imagine that? A real tree. That grows and lives and dies.”
The brunette looked over at the boy he’d had a major crush on for months. Jeff was different to everyone else Nick knew, and maybe that was why he had such an attraction to him. He was cute, with bright blonde hair and eyes always shining with excitement. And he was a dreamer. He always talked about the past, and what might have happened, and where all the trees had gone. Why there weren’t any left.

What Jeff had said suddenly struck him and an idea came to him.
“You want to see a real one?”
Jeff glanced over at him with a grin. “Yeah! I mean, haven’t you heard about them?” He gestured to the painting covering the entire back walls of his house, pointing at the fluffy tops of the trees. “Those are supposed to be the softest thing in the world, and they smell like butterfly milk!”
Nick had no idea what that meant but it didn’t matter. He smiled, wondering if he could actually pull this off. If it worked, how thrilled would Jeff be?
“So, hypothetically speaking, if someone were to, you know, find you a tree…”
“I’d probably kiss them or something!”
Okay, that was settled. Nick had to find a tree, and fast.


Nick looked up at the creaky, broken building in front of him, chewing on his lip nervously. He’d almost been sliced and diced making his way here – getting out of town was hard enough, and this ‘Once-ler’ that his grandma had told him to find seemed to have sneaky traps hidden everywhere. But he’d made it, with his payment, and now he just hoped this Once-ler would tell him how to find a tree.

“Hello?” he called “Once-ler? Hello?”
“What do you want?” an old, harsh and coughing voice said from high up in the building. Nick thought he saw someone watching him from between the slats of the highest boarded-up window.
“I want to know about trees,” he replied “I want to know how to find one.”
“Really? You want to know about trees?” There was a hitch in the old man’s voice (at least, he assumed it was an old man) as he spoke. “Why?”
“I… someone I like wants to see them. And…” he trailed off for a moment “I guess I’m kind of curious as to why we don’t have any anymore. I want to know what happened to them.”
“So it’s for a girl?”
“Someone I like.”
“Ah.” A long pause followed and Nick wondered if he’d come all this way for nothing. He remembered what he had in his pocket and called, “I have what you want. You know, the nail and the snail shell and the fifteen cents. If that helps.”
Finally, after another long moment of hesitation, the Once-ler spoke again. “I’ll tell you the story. If you want to hear it.”
Nick settled down on a pile of rocks and looked up at the window, relief settling in his chest. All he had to do was listen to the story and then he’d be able to find a tree for Jeff. And then he’d get his kiss and everything would be perfect.

“It all started way back, such a long, long time back…”

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Niff Week Day 7: Supernatural Crossover

Rating: T

Words: 1865

Summary: Jeff discovers that he is Gabriel’s true vessel, but only after he and Nick have a terrifying encounter with some demons.

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Niff Week Day 6: Future!Niff

So my headcanon, no matter which of my fics it is, is that Niff have twins when they eventually have kids. Actually twin boys and a girl later, but I won’t get into that :) Just read on and enjoy the fluff! (And this is vaguely based on some family I saw in a restaurant once - the father had his little girl asleep on his lap because it was quite late and I thought it was pretty cute)

Family Dinner

“Oliver!” Jeff called, exasperated, as he got up from his seat to chase after the three year old that had slipped off his chair and started running through the restaurant, giggling. Nick rolled his eyes at the child’s antics before instinctively turning to the second boy, who was already attempting to slither off his chair and join his brother.
“You keep your butt on that seat, mister,” he warned and the boy grinned mischievously and slid just enough to let his little feet touch the floor.
Before the boy could run Nick reached out and grabbed him around the waist, lifting him up to sit him on his lap. James pouted and crossed his arms.
“No. You can behave for a little bit longer. I know it’s been a long time and you’ve been very good, but you have stay put for a few more minutes.”
“Don’t wanna.”
Nick sighed, glaring to his left at his sister who was smirking at her nephew’s attitude. At the other end of the table sat their mother, shaking her head, and Jeff’s parents were across the table beside each other. They were glancing at each other, the blonde’s mother smiling almost fondly.
“Come on little man, you want your ice cream, don’t you?” Jeff’s father said with a wide smile – he’d had his troubles with his son and son-in-law, but his grandchildren always melted his heart. It was hard for anyone not to love the cheeky twins.
James frowned and shook his head, declaring loudly that he didn’t want ice cream. At that point Jeff returned with a squirming Oliver in his arms. The boy was still giggling and trying to escape like this was all a game. Jeff sat with him in his lap, sighing deeply.
“Pass him over here,” his mother said, gesturing for the wriggling boy. Jeff shook his head, holding his son closer. “No, I’ve got him.”
Nick shot him a weak smile and the blonde returned it. They’d gone through six months of trouble when the boys had been born because the surrogate had decided she wanted to keep them. The couple had almost lost hope a few times when they thought the twins would be taken away from them, but in the end the surrogate gave up the claim. Three years later, Jeff was still twitchy about other people taking his kids out of his reach, even his parents.

Then the desserts came out and James perked up at the sight of his bowl of ice cream. He scrambled for his seat and waited patiently for it to be set down in front of him before digging his spoon in to eat. Oliver stayed in Jeff’s lap, calming down now and eating his own ice cream quietly. The adults at the table were just glad the boys were quiet now and they began to eat.

By the time they’d all finished James was asking very politely if they could go home now because he was tired and Oliver had fallen asleep in his father’s lap. His head rested on Jeff’s chest, spiked dark-blonde hair starting to fall in his eyes, little arms hugging his father loosely. There were smiles and adoring noises all around as Jeff stood carefully, keeping Oliver as still as possible so as not to wake him. Nick picked up the yawning James and carried him on his hip as he hugged his and Jeff’s family good bye and told them they had to get the boys home. Finally they made it out of the restaurant and out to the car, saying yet another good bye to the Duvals and the Sterlings as they too left for home.

“That was an utterly exhausting night,” Nick sighed, opening the door to strap James, starting to fall asleep and mumbling for his teddy, into his seat.
Jeff moved around to the other side of the car to do the same with Oliver. “It was. But we haven’t seen your mother in ages, and my dad only came back from New York last week. It was good to see everyone again.”
Nick smiled as he and his partner slipped into their own seats. He leaned over the middle to kiss Jeff briefly before starting the car up. “Yeah, it was. Come on, let’s get this lot home.”

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Title: New Beginnings

Rating: PG-13

Words: 450

Summary: Domestic!Daddy!Niff

A/N: Unbeta’d, critique welcome, etc. 

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